Nanchang Institute of Technology is located in Nanchang, a heroic city in China. With the mission of “Hangtian Scientific Education, Revitalizing The Chinese Nation”, it adheres to the school motto of “Science, Objectivity, Virtue and Innovation”. Based in Jiangxi, NIT has a global vision and focuses on the development of social industrial structure and the demand for social talents so as to foster high-quality, application-innovative talents for national economic and social development. Nanchang Institute of Technology covers an area of more than 3,000 acres, with a school building area of more than 700,000 square meters. There are 19 colleges, namely the Computer Information Engineering College, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering College, Electronics and Information College, Aerospace College, Construction Engineering College, Energy and Environmental Engineering College, Engineering Management College, Business Management College, Finance and Economics College, Humanities Education College, Foreign Languages College, Music College, Art and Design College, Media College, Sports College, Law College, Medicine College, International Exchanges College, Science and Technology college, and 3 departments namely Ideology and Politics, Public Education, and Military Education and Research, with nearly 30,000 full-time students.

Yaseen Academy is located at Huangjiahu Lake University Town, Wuhan, Hubei, China, focusing on international academic conferences organizing and international academic journals corperation in areas of science and engineering, aiming to provide a high-level and open academic platform for global scholars, researchers and practioners. It has gathered an academic committee composed of more than 200 experts and scholars, and has successfully held many international academic conferences. Facing the vast number of experts and scholars, Yaseen Academic is a team with strong professional quality and professional ethics, it has creating a mature, deep and complete academic exchange platform, not only allowing experts and scholars to show and share their latest academic research results and realizing face-to-face academic exchanges, but also allowing the most cutting-edge scientific information, ideas, and viewpoints to be fully communicated and exchanged, which will benefit all mankind.


School of Electronics and Information, Nanchang Institute of Technology

School of Computer Information Engineering, Nanchang Institute of Technology


Beijing Boku Yinzhi Information Technology Research Institute

Shenzhen Zhongbo United Talent Development Center

Wuhan Yaseen Media Co., Ltd.

Conference Organizing Committee

Local Committee Members

Zhilong Chen, Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Wei Nie, Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Keyong Shen, Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Yubao Wang, Researcher, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Chunrong Deng, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Liangxi Ding, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Zhengkai Sun, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Baiqing He, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Rongqun Hu, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology

Shuhua Bai, Associate Professor, Nanchang Institute of Technology